I found the most horrifying kid's show ever made


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Sam and Cat was a weird show...
the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb
Stargirl is the weirdest show
50 Shades Freed is the worst movie of all time
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  • reva farley
    reva farleyΠριν 2 ώρες

    R.L Stine's The Haunting Hour was such a scary show to me yet it was my #1 show when I was like 6. I'm 17 now lol

  • Teresa Rivas Ugaz
    Teresa Rivas UgazΠριν 5 ώρες

    Pete&Pete is LIFE ✨💚

  • SpaceX 69
    SpaceX 69Πριν 10 ώρες

    Clearly, you have never heard of Candle Cove

  • Chelsea Modl
    Chelsea ModlΠριν 12 ώρες

    Omg I moved to Australia in my 20s and a mate made me watch this and i have never been the same 😅

  • tifa lockhart
    tifa lockhartΠριν 23 ώρες

    I am from the UK and the majority of us loved this show.

  • AnimeAngel2692
    AnimeAngel2692Πριν 2 ημέρες

    Aussie here! I used to do distance ed (home school) and some of the units had episodes of this to watch. Can’t for the life of me remember what the lessons were about but hey, primary school me got to watch tv

  • The Hooman
    The HoomanΠριν 2 ημέρες

    Alright Australians. Remember When It Was Too Wet To Go Play Outside So You All Sat In To Watch Around The Twist? Yeah. You Know What I'm Talking About.

  • Cy Gaerlan
    Cy GaerlanΠριν 3 ημέρες

    so if he wasnt tryin to kill her then what huh. then what. explain alex, EXPLAIN

  • Randomperson45
    Randomperson45Πριν 4 ημέρες

    I have seen so many videos of Alex Meyers, and now while re-watching my favorite shows (or seeing new shows) I have been able to notice so many holes in the plot and things that just don’t make sense, who thought this could be educational?

  • Celandine Poppy
    Celandine PoppyΠριν 4 ημέρες

    I sent the whole episode to my friend without context because he's denied sleeping privelages

  • Snowspeeder
    SnowspeederΠριν 6 ημέρες

    All the Australians who saw the thumbnail already knew what was coming

  • Ida Wantu
    Ida WantuΠριν 10 ημέρες

    Round the Twist showed in the U.K as well, and yeah can't argue with this. It was the best traumatizing show ever.

  • Ida Wantu

    Ida Wantu

    Πριν 10 ημέρες

    The theme song was amazing though!

  • KelniusTV
    KelniusTVΠριν 11 ημέρες

    Ma boy... you do not speak ill of **Around the Twist.** This show is an Australian institution, and a national treasure.

  • Snowspeeder


    Πριν 6 ημέρες

    Reading the books in primary was the best

  • tas a
    tas aΠριν 11 ημέρες

    I remember I had to watch this episode in school in yr 6 bc our maths teacher had nothing to do, on the last day before the holidays

  • Po4sie Pog
    Po4sie PogΠριν 12 ημέρες

    I don’t have words

  • Po4sie Pog
    Po4sie PogΠριν 12 ημέρες

    This is.

  • XxBubbleblueTearsXx
    XxBubbleblueTearsXxΠριν 13 ημέρες

    no wonder my mom nerver told me about the shows she used to watch as a kid these things are freaking cursed-...

  • NinaNiterose
    NinaNiteroseΠριν 14 ημέρες

    This must be the ONE show I didn't watch as a kid & I'm glad it was...(O_o)#

  • Eclipse Tala
    Eclipse TalaΠριν 15 ημέρες

    Could've been worse

  • Aayan Shimaan
    Aayan ShimaanΠριν 15 ημέρες

    That scare crow is immitating the Grinch as we do

  • sara jae
    sara jaeΠριν 15 ημέρες

    You're videos make my day 😂.

  • J S
    J SΠριν 15 ημέρες

    One of your best episodes, Alex!

  • Pickle Mania
    Pickle ManiaΠριν 15 ημέρες

    When I was in grade 2 I watched this and now I think why

  • Looseylewsy
    LooseylewsyΠριν 15 ημέρες

    When it screamed I fell off my chair

  • YerBoiEnri
    YerBoiEnriΠριν 16 ημέρες

    This is one episode

  • Bubbleboy
    BubbleboyΠριν 16 ημέρες

    Not all of Australia is messed up you guys have guns

  • rileonardo god of ninjas
    rileonardo god of ninjasΠριν 17 ημέρες

    Australian here: Scare crows always do this its werid

  • Rowbacca
    RowbaccaΠριν 17 ημέρες

    I live in Canada abd remember watching this show as a kid and thought it was great! I actually have the entire show on DVD!

  • QCpro1
    QCpro1Πριν 18 ημέρες

    Here in quebec we had something called "la courte échelle" with translates to the short laddes or short ladder witch made weird horrific movies for kids to "scare us strait" and they whould play that in school. You should definitely have a look if thats even possible

  • iiSxnnyVxbesii
    iiSxnnyVxbesiiΠριν 18 ημέρες

    We watched this at school

  • Hannah Chiadika
    Hannah ChiadikaΠριν 19 ημέρες

    I actually loved this show and I'm not even Australian

  • Hannah Chiadika
    Hannah ChiadikaΠριν 19 ημέρες

    Have you ever, have you felt like this? When strange things happen are you going round the twist?

  • RTaku
    RTakuΠριν 19 ημέρες

    I’m Australia and I don’t think anyone here likes this

  • Áine C
    Áine CΠριν 19 ημέρες

    I loved round the twist and remembered only the good things. Watching this now I’m just like this is an insane show! I must have been really messed up.

  • No Name
    No NameΠριν 20 ημέρες


  • DrarryFangirl
    DrarryFangirlΠριν 22 ημέρες

    Honestly, there are so many Australian kid shows worse than Around The Twist. Dirtgirl was one of them.

  • Ev-olution
    Ev-olutionΠριν 22 ημέρες

    If u think this is scary, DON'T watch "the empty child" from doctor who. It is a whirlwind and scary and trauma

  • veryVanilla velvet
    veryVanilla velvetΠριν 22 ημέρες

    Come to australia! We have too big of spiders, messed up kids shows, perry the platypuses, heat, kangaroos, didgeridoos, and weird accents. Australia, nothing like being at the bottom east of the globe!

  • marwen el haj ali
    marwen el haj aliΠριν 22 ημέρες

    i loved the skyrim quest item reference

  • Amy Louise
    Amy LouiseΠριν 24 ημέρες

    As an Aussie I knew what it was without you even showing the name

  • Jacqueline Callejas
    Jacqueline CallejasΠριν 24 ημέρες

    My GOd what the H*** were they thinking? So the scarecrow would have forced himself on the teen girl if she hadn't taken her clothes off? Also if the female clown left the circus doesn't that mean she didn't want the clown and therefore she WOULDN'T want to be with the clown? Like Bride of Frankenstein spurned Frankenstein's monster.

  • Zu Ma
    Zu MaΠριν 25 ημέρες

    Drugs... what else? haha

  • Mel Moore
    Mel MooreΠριν 25 ημέρες

    This is so messed up 🤣🤣🤣😂wtf

  • Green
    GreenΠριν 25 ημέρες

    Even more than the Vegemite they put on there sandwich

  • evi vic
    evi vicΠριν 26 ημέρες

    Aussie here: i watched the whole show to torture my self cuz what else to do and now I hate myself

  • Dumbass Supreme
    Dumbass SupremeΠριν 26 ημέρες

    round the twist was brilliant

  • Rookie
    RookieΠριν 27 ημέρες

    I live in Australia but I completely agree with you

  • Spencer Ferguson
    Spencer FergusonΠριν 28 ημέρες

    When I was younger I used to watch around the twist all the time and it's funny how now I realize that I never processed how messed up the show is before.

  • Battle Saw
    Battle SawΠριν 28 ημέρες

    I heard of this show before and I'm still disgusted

  • Shane Dinelli
    Shane DinelliΠριν 29 ημέρες

    Alex you should check out the show Erie Indiana and make a video on it because it is a pretty good but pretty weird show

  • Dyinginhell
    DyinginhellΠριν 29 ημέρες

    my old teacher used to make us watch this show everyday for a WHOLE YEAR

  • enomia
    enomiaΠριν μήνα

    I-i need therapy now..

  • Bucket_Boy
    Bucket_BoyΠριν μήνα


  • muppet gang
    muppet gangΠριν μήνα

    I REMEMBER!!!!!!!

  • Emily Diedrick
    Emily DiedrickΠριν μήνα

    I heard about it on other GRglo videos

  • Sophie Cavanough
    Sophie CavanoughΠριν μήνα

    i swear as an Australian i had to watch all the episodes for a class assignment and honestly i couldn't sleep for weeks after then again i don't even sleep now because i n s o m n i a

  • Zax Mullins
    Zax MullinsΠριν μήνα

    I watched this show and genie down under

  • Mimi Humphries- Leonard
    Mimi Humphries- LeonardΠριν μήνα

    oh, how we loved the trauma when teachers would make us watch this in school instead of youtube.

  • Nina Weeks
    Nina WeeksΠριν μήνα


  • AWF1000
    AWF1000Πριν μήνα

    Hey. You Americans have your disgusting sandwich fetishes, that's ours. Though personally I would never eat it. 😂🤣

  • Sienna Gardner
    Sienna GardnerΠριν μήνα

    Fun fact. I live in Australia and I was made to watch some of those movies on online school...... please send help I don’t wanna do this

  • cerys maclaren
    cerys maclarenΠριν μήνα

    Because you are my favourite GRglor i will start to use honey

  • Jacob
    JacobΠριν μήνα

    Mrbeast did a colab with honey

  • miki scott
    miki scottΠριν μήνα

    When you said ep 10 is the worst I thought you meant the one where the kid gives birth also round the twist theme is the greatest thing ever “have you Eva, Eva felt like this, strange things happen when your goin round the twist” love it. We watched this show everyday in yr 3 it’s honestly the best.

  • miki scott
    miki scottΠριν μήνα

    I’m aussie and I feel like I’m the only one in this comment section that actually loved this show

  • Simply K
    Simply KΠριν μήνα

    I watched Round the twist.

  • TTV_Jake BladesYT
    TTV_Jake BladesYTΠριν μήνα

    Im australian And im hoping my ancestors arent like that the scarecrow and the real girl

  • Matthew Housham
    Matthew HoushamΠριν μήνα

    Does anyone remember how the knight thing was resolved from the show? You know, the girl knight that kept appearing in the daughters' room?

  • Matthew Housham
    Matthew HoushamΠριν μήνα

    Oh my God, I can remember an episode were the youngest kid had to fight this horrific 'lint monster', made out of dust and lint from the house. Ironically, it was shown to be quite harmless, but it was just this mass of dust and lint, with two red glowing eyes and this horrible shrieking sound accompanying it whenever it appeared. I couldn't sleep for a week after it.

  • P J
    P JΠριν μήνα

    Now check out children of the stones. 1970s kids show in Britain scared the shit outa me

  • toxic moj
    toxic mojΠριν μήνα

    I used to watch this in school

  • Dokka Chapman
    Dokka ChapmanΠριν μήνα

    Round The Twist was my jam as a kid. That episode haunted me for years lol.

  • Sofia Martinez
    Sofia MartinezΠριν μήνα

    “And because it’s October-“ *Prepares for existential crisis and mental breakdown* Ok, continue

  • caddleveer game's z
    caddleveer game's zΠριν μήνα

    2:38 (cough cough) ANOTHER HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON.

    VJ APPLEΠριν μήνα

    I can never get over Nosey Blanket from a Romanian (???) kids show. Saw as a teenager and I’m STILL traumatized

  • James 3113
    James 3113Πριν μήνα

    If it's worse than Happy Tree Friends, it must be horrifying.

  • Debra Paradise
    Debra ParadiseΠριν μήνα


    BELLAΠριν μήνα

    They played this show during science and class for a month (they also showed The Crocodile Hunter too)... Because substitute teacher said to... Still confused.

  • Slytherin Prince
    Slytherin PrinceΠριν μήνα

    Round the twist is the best show ever. The lipstick one is my favourite.

  • AntiquatedPixels
    AntiquatedPixelsΠριν μήνα

    I LOVED this show so much!!!

  • G4m3r K0n3k0
    G4m3r K0n3k0Πριν μήνα

    Lol read the title and literally died laughing when I started watching it. I grew up on this show!!!!! Your reactions were the best and I didn't even use to bat an eye watching it as a kid 😂😂😂 I forgot how weird it is. I will always remember the fox episode....

  • Trixy TheGreat
    Trixy TheGreatΠριν μήνα

    Wtf is that show

  • Liam Shinner
    Liam ShinnerΠριν μήνα

    can you heart this coment

  • John Hutchinson
    John HutchinsonΠριν μήνα

    What do you mean, I thought it was a sure fire win for the UK's very own nightmarish scarecrow Worzel Gummidge!

  • Robin Taberner
    Robin TabernerΠριν μήνα

    Round The Twist was awesome

  • Lifewith Lee
    Lifewith LeeΠριν μήνα

    Felt like this show was trying to be pet and pet meats Earie India

  • Dante
    DanteΠριν μήνα

    The scariest thing is that they ran into the ocean with shoes

  • Caroline Barrowman
    Caroline BarrowmanΠριν μήνα

    Emm... I a wee bit scared or maybe well...REALLY SCARED 😂😭

  • deselis
    deselisΠριν μήνα

    Minty Comedic Arts made a really good video about this show, it's insane. Minty's Australian, he grew up with this show. It's a great video, and Round the Twist is nuts. Just putting that out there in case anyone's interested in learning more about this child based nightmare fuel :)

  • TRbolt 07
    TRbolt 07Πριν μήνα

    Dude, you need to do Tracy Beaker. That show was so good that there was a reboot and then a spin off that I am pretty sure is still going to this day.

  • Nicolishoss
    NicolishossΠριν μήνα

    OMG im English & i remember this from the 90s. Spesh the theme song "....can you remember the story bout the bird and the spider, it wiggled n wiggled and riggled inside her...as strange things happen, are we going round the twist" 😂 what is h.a.p.p.e.n.i.n.g 🤷 🤣🤣🤣

  • Poløumí_&_ Ñepal
    Poløumí_&_ ÑepalΠριν μήνα

    as australian kid i never watched this but like i liked it-

  • Love Senerio
    Love SenerioΠριν μήνα

    Still better than ttg or the new power puff girls

  • Laurajanehahn
    LaurajanehahnΠριν μήνα

    this show is part of aussie culture

  • Clxùdii
    ClxùdiiΠριν μήνα

    Why is Goosebumps a bad show? I loved Goosebumps since I was 8! No joke, I wouldn’t get a book unless it was Goosebumps. And I wanted a ventriloquist dummy because I loved Slappy.

  • Em Jess
    Em JessΠριν μήνα

    I watched Round the Twist here in the UK in the 90s when I was 5, it was werid but I kind of liked it.

  • Lily Pily
    Lily PilyΠριν μήνα

    It’s funny we watch this in class 🤣🤣

  • Lily Pily
    Lily PilyΠριν μήνα

    This was my favourite show as a kid and I wonder why I’m a little messed up 😂 ahhhh the be Australian

  • Ulf K
    Ulf KΠριν μήνα

    In europe, that show was kind of popular, too. I loved it as a kid but i always felt a little uneasy while watching it. After watching this vid i know why xD.

  • Cringey Fujoshi
    Cringey FujoshiΠριν μήνα

    New fear unlocked: scarecrows in clown outfit